District H Strength & Fitness: Benefits of Personalized Group Class Training


By Coach Tommy


Its’ Momentum Monday! Let’s start off the week strong.


This week is all about personalization with our fitness routine.


While the industry is moving towards “cookie-cutter” workouts that rely on distractions like “splat points” or “DJs,” District H is moving in the opposite direction where we personalize our prescriptions for people with excellent coaching.




At the end of the day, people want to feel like they receive the attention and care they deserve.


I always tell people we aren’t in the fitness business; we are in the relationship business. And good relationships in fitness are built on individualized attention and need.


So how do we create individualized attention with our fitness prescriptions?


Today, we are going to discuss our group class format. 


How do we structure it? Who does it work best for?


Historically, CrossFit classes were all about packing members into your gym like sardines. Over time, we found that we weren’t respecting our own individualized attention and excellent coaching values. 


We were essentially herding cattle and triaging our members into “who is the most likely to hurt themselves?”


Fast-forward to today, and we have completely rethought our group class model. Here is how we are different:


We limit our group class sizes to 12 members. This allows us to deliver the quality coaching necessary to ensure members are making progress with their fitness.


We take a holistic perspective on our members’ health. Instead of doing “high intensity, all the time,” we take a balanced approach that focuses on:


  • Quality Strength Training
  • Joint/Tissue resiliency and injury prevention
  • Balanced energy system training
  • Mobility & Asymmetry Work
  • Culture of Inclusivity & Hard Work



For most of our members, group class time is also their only social time. Our culture is meant to be welcoming to everyone who wants to get a little better every single day. We are proactive in removing members who don’t fit or take away from that culture.


Who is group class best suited for?


There are numerous benefits to deciding to go to group class. Here is the top three:


1) Individuals who don’t want to think about their programming. How many times have you walked into a gym and tried to “figure it out” on your own? In a group class at District H, you don’t have to think. Just show up, and we will take care of everything else. 


2) Individuals are looking for social connections. A lot of my best friends happen to go to the same gym as me. That is no accident. Surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded individuals increases your intrinsic motivation for your fitness routine (you can read more about that here).


3) Individuals who need accountability. Look, I get it! There are times when I am not motivated to go to the gym either. I work out with training partners for that very reason. They hold me accountable and ensure I show up even when I don’t want to.


Who is group class not best suited for?


Just like anything, there are also cons to the group class model. Here is the top three:


1) Individuals with specific goals. Our group class programming focuses on “general physical preparedness,” or GPP for short. If you have more specific aesthetic or performance goals, then you may need more individualized attention.


2) Ultimate Accountability. There is no accountability like working 1-on-1 with someone.  If you are the type of person that needs that attention, then personal training or remote coaching will likely be a better fit for you.


3) Inconsistent work/travel schedule. We have many members who travel for work as consultants, sales reps, executives, etc. Getting into a group class is tough to accommodate with their schedule. In these instances, remote coaching is the best option for you.


Group classes are a fantastic and affordable way to get access to personalized fitness at District H. If you are someone that doesn’t want to think about “what to do,” looking for great social connections, and needs accountability in a fun and supportive environment, then group classes are for you. 


Tomorrow, we will discuss the benefits of personal training, who it works well for, and the hybrid group class/personal training approach as the ultimate “win-win.”


If you are ready to sit down and learn more about getting started and how we can help, feel free to schedule a free consultation with the link below.


See you tomorrow.



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