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District H Strength & Fitness Weekly Focus: Personalization of Your Fitness Routine

By Coach Tommy

This week is all about personalization.

Over the last six years, we have seen an exponential increase in fitness programs that focus heavily on:

·      High-Intensity Interval Training

·      “Experience-based” solutions

·      Technology

While “novelty” is a critical element of developing motivation with your fitness routine (read more about that here), any “cookie-cutter” program will only work for so long.

The dopamine rush from feeling exhausted and sweating will eventually fade.

Orange Theory, F45, Sweat 1000, Barry’s Bootcamp, Ride, and even CrossFit all follow the same format in terms of circuit training. We are doing the same 15 movements within CrossFit and repackaging them into different formats to target different energy systems.

To accommodate the mundane, we have to introduce things like:

·      Red Lights

·      DJs

·      Dancing

And Whiteboards to keep clients motivated and, dare I say…distracted… from actually achieving long-term results and behavior change.

Now don’t get me wrong! These programs are outstanding at getting America, arguably one of the unhealthiest citizens on Earth, to move and have fun while doing so.

But the business model is not meant to support long-term results.

Think about that for a second!

So what can you do to find a solution that will carry you forward throughout your life?

This week we will discuss different solutions that allow fitness to become more personalized based on your goals, training experience, and budget.

Tomorrow we will discuss the group class model!

What are the pros, the cons, and whom does it work best for?

I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning.



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