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Functional Fitness is Not Dangerous; Bad Coaching is Dangerous

by Coach Tommy

t’s Momentum Monday. Let’s get started on the right foot.

One of the biggest misconceptions I often hear about functional fitness, whether it’s CrossFit or not, is dangerous. 

There are enough viral YouTube videos to go around showing individuals performing powerlifting movements, weightlifting movements, or gymnastics and getting hurt or just lifting with incredibly bad form.

From larger organizations like CrossFit Headquarters, you see some of the top athletes in the world performing amazing feats of strength. While some appreciate it, others can be turned off by it.

“That looks insane!”

“I would never be able to do that!”

“They are going to be in pain later on in life.”

In reality, functional fitness is meant to be a routine that helps you build strength and stamina to perform activities of daily living

Being able to stand up with good balance and strength can be developed with a squat.

Being able to lift an object off the floor, whether your child or a bag of dog food, can be trained with a deadlift.

Developing power, changing direction, and absorbing force can be trained with plyometrics and the Olympic lifts.

These movements can become unsafe when prescribed to individuals with little or no guidance on proper technique and load

Further, adding speed to workouts creates an environment for technique to break down, which means we need to be extremely careful with load management.

Finding a gym with professional strength and conditioning coaches that focus on slowly developing their clients is paramount.

It is not about ego and showing off. That is not a culture you want to be a part of. 

Instead, see functional movements as “tools in the toolbox” to make you more effective in your daily life.

Tomorrow we will discuss one of my favorite misconceptions. “Lifting weights will make me look bulky.”

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