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General Programming Update – November 2020

Hey everyone, first off congrats to everyone on their PR’s this past week!

Starting tomorrow we’re going to transition to a new cycle consisting of back squats on Mondays, push jerk technique work on Wednesdays, and hang squat cleans on Friday.

4 weeks of back squat strengthening with a retest on Dec 7th.

The push jerk is a progression to the push press that allows you to lift heavier loads overhead, but requires more coordination and athleticism. Meanwhile the hang squat clean will allow everyone to practice the toughest part of the clean, which is usually once the bar passes the knees and receiving it in a squat position without having to worry about lifting from the ground just yet.

The technique practice for jerks and cleans are separate so you can focus on the individual movements. The cycle will eventually lead to combining the two movements into a squat clean from the floor followed by a push jerk as seen in Olympic style weightlifting. You’ll be retested in all 3 movements to see if technique, strength and coordination have improved. Regardless of your goals (strength or fitness), consistent practice of these movements will improve coordination, body awareness, build leg strength, overhead strength and help you move more efficiently with cleans and jerks in a workout.

Rest up. Enjoy those squats tomorrow!

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