How to make health & fitness a priority in daily life

I think we can safely say that most people have a basic understanding that exercise is important for our health. Yet, a lot of us still don’t get the amount that we want or need. One of the main reasons we hear in the gym is the classic, “I don’t have time to workout”.  While we can understand and empathize with this theory, it isn’t the whole story. 

So, why can’t I workout consistently? 

Schedule: With many of us now able to work remotely, it’s become even easier to get wrapped up in tasks around the house or fighting the urge to answer just one more work email. Home has now become a place for work, exercise, cleaning, taking care of family, as well as relaxation. This can blur the lines and make it easier for time to slip away from us.  

Most of us also have a lot more to concern ourselves with than just our fitness goals. We have a career, family, friends/social life, hobbies, and other things we are working towards. It becomes a matter of being intentional and creating more time in our schedule for our health. 

Priorities: Naturally, we tend to put ourselves and our needs last. Thus, the workout we had planned in our minds for the day, tends to be the easiest thing to scratch off the list when it feels like time is getting the best of us. However, in those moments when we feel pressed for time and decide to nix the workout we had planned for, are actually the times we most likely need it the most.  

Negative Self-Talk: It’s easy to tell ourselves that we aren’t in “good enough” shape to join a gym or start an exercise program. However, if we don’t ever start, or if we get too caught up in reflecting on what we used to be able to do, we end up stuck, and thus not making progress regardless. Remind yourself that everyone starts somewhere and you don’t have to have any sort of physical fitness level to walk into our doors at District H. All of our classes can be modified to fit any sort of fitness level or accommodate any injury.  

Lastly, remember that exercise doesn’t just improve us physically, but in other areas too! Physical activity has been shown to also improve your mood, self-esteem, create a sense of pride, increase energy, build confidence, and reduce stress. It helps bring you one step closer to becoming your best self. Which is something your boss, kids, and significant other can all get behind. 

7 Tips for Prioritizing Fitness Despite a Busy Schedule: 

1. Schedule it As you plan out your upcoming week, pencil in your workouts just like you would with any other appointments, meetings, kids’ soccer games or other “have-tos”. Use a calendar or alarm to set reminders for yourself. You wouldn’t cancel a meeting with your boss last minute. Treat your workout (and your coach) the same. 

2. Wake up earlier Take care of your fitness goals first thing in morning. As the day goes on, the chance for potential conflicts arises. Mental fatigue from work can drag you down and thus, motivation declines. Checking off your workout as the first part of your day not only helps ensure that it gets done, but also creates a positive tone for the rest of the day. 

3. Use accountability as your friend There is no shame in feeling like you need some accountability to help you reach your fitness goals. In fact, most people feel the same way. At District H, we pride ourselves on having professional coaches who address all clients wholistically. If you miss class for a week or so, you can guarantee you will be hearing from our staff to check in on you. If accountability is a bit higher up on your list of needs, opt to work one-on-one with one of our personal trainers.  

4. Keep workout clothes within reach Pack and keep a gym bag in your car at all times. That way, in case your schedule unexpectedly frees up, you are prepared and can use your newfound free time to exercise. With that, make it a habit to change into your workout attire at the end of the work day, even if you don’t feel like working out anymore. This helps change your mindset. Even if you work from home, make an effort to change clothing or “switch hats” for the hour so your brain knows you are making a shift. 

5. Get creative Utilize your free time to your advantage! Take a zoom call while on a walk, do some body weight exercises while your kids’ practice basketball versus sitting in the bleachers, workout during your lunch hour and eat at your desk afterwards if possible. Try to find different ways to sneak more movement into your day. 

6. Change your mindset Try to view exercise as something you “get” to do versus something you “have” to do. Find small “wins” within each workout to focus on to keep yourself moving forward. Also, remember that exercise doesn’t always have to be what we typically think of. If you don’t have an hour each day to spend, that’s okay too. Only have 30 minutes? Work with one of our personal trainers to work around your individual schedule and time constraint needs. We even have a remote coaching program if you prefer or need to workout at home. 

7. Keep your goals in mind Ultimately, you made a decision to start (or continue) an exercise regimen for a reason, right? Whether it was a suggestion from a doctor, in preparation for a competitive feat, or to improve your general health to keep up with your kids. Dive back into your reason why this is important to you and keep it at the forefront of your mind. Use little sticky notes or alarms as reminders if you’d like! This will help you stay focus when you’ve had back-to-back meetings all day and motivation is lacking. 

While it does take some effort, it isn’t impossible to create more time within your schedule for yourself and your health. At District H, we are here to serve your needs directly. We offer a variety of programs and options so that you can feel confident you are making progress towards your health and fitness goals, even if they change over time. Whether it be through group class, personal training, nutrition coaching, remote coaching, or a combination of programs, our staff is confident in our abilities to help you make fitness a part of your life, regardless of having a full plate.  

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