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March 2023 Members of the Month – Scott & Erin Taylor

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, interests/hobbies, etc). 

Erin and I have two children, a 4 year old son named Nolan and a 1.5 year old daughter named Evelyn. Erin works as a PA at MD Anderson and Scott works in logistics. Erin enjoys horseback riding and rides once a week at a barn in Conroe. We both enjoy traveling, camping, skiing, and generally being outdoors. We have a 30 year old Land Cruiser that we brought back from Africa that has a rooftop tent and we enjoy taking that camping and out to the beach. 

When did you start working out District H?

Scott started coming to District H occasionally about a year and a half ago when he was on paternity leave but joined full time about a year ago when his previous gym closed down. Erin joined about 3 months ago.

What made you decide to start working out in general? 

Scott: When our son was born I wanted to make sure I put myself in a position to be as active a part of his life as I could. I figured out that my old gym routine wasn’t really maximizing my time and I needed something more. 

Erin: After having two kids I was having a hard time getting back into a exercise routine. I saw the progress Scott was making and thought the structure could be helpful for me as well. 

How have your workouts made an impact on your life outside of the gym? 

Scott: I just feel better…I feel better about myself…I feel stronger…I feel more capable…I feel healthier. Sometimes I might feel sore but I always feel better. 

Erin: I enjoy feeling fit and strong and having energy to chase two wild kids around.

What is your favorite & least favorite workout or movement? 

Scott: Least favorite, Anything asymmetrical and one legged (ie lunges or step ups)….favorite…anything endurance focused.

Erin: Least favorite…I’m still working on building up my core so exercises that require lower back strength are challenging for me. Favorite…wall balls! I used to play softball so I enjoy the hand eye coordination aspect of them. 

What is your favorite & least favorite lift?  

Scott: Favorite…Clean and Jerk….Least favorite…Thrusters…but who actually likes thrusters…

Erin: I’m really enjoying getting better at all of the movements at this point.

What is your proudest gym moment/achievement? 

Scott: my favorite achievement is any time I set a number I want to hit…say it’s breaking a set of 30 into 15:15 and then being able to mentally push past that 15.

Erin: Push-ups…3 months ago I couldn’t do a single push-up.  Now I can do 5-6 in a row. It’s great to see that type of measurable progress. 

What is your favorite quote or words to live by? 

Scott/Erin: We were once told on a trip “it’s hard to have a narrow mind and a thick passport” and think that’s absolutely true. 

Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you. 

Erin and I lived in a small town in rural Northern Mozambique for a few years shortly after we got married. It was a wild, thrilling, sometimes very challenging, amazing time. We lived on the beach, frequently went on safaris, lost power for a month once, and could buy a whole tuna for $20. We developed a very close community of friends who now live all around the world but we still get together as often as possible. This summer we were able to get together at Scott’s family home in Lake George, NY for the first time since Covid. 

What advice would you give to newbies

Just get started. The best time was yesterday…the next best is today.

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