March Athlete of the Month – Mark Leavens

About Myself:

My name is Mark Leavens. I am from Houston, TX. I am a high school art teacher at Sam Houston Math, Science, and Technology Center. I received my BA in Studio Art from The University of Texas at Austin with an emphasis in Painting. I keep an avid studio practice by working on paintings and ceramics when I’m not at the gym trying to work on my fitness. Other hobbies include: Guitar, Synthesizers, rock climbing, long walks on the beach, cooking with my boo thang, traveling pre-covid, and throwing a frisbee to my dog Copper.

When did I start Crossfit?

I started Crossfit the second week of January 2020. Hell Yeah!

What made you start doing Crossfit?

I was in a band with Matt Gamez and he got thicc reall quick. I was like, “Yo, I’ll have what he’s having!”

How has Crossfit made a difference in your life outside of the gym?

Looking better naked everyday. Overall energy 10/10. If I were a video game, my stat bar would be maxed out. My goals are different, I eat different, I feel different, I sleep harder, and the concept of difficulty has definitely changed dramatically. 

Least favorite WOD or Movement?

Anytime I have to Jump on top of a box. 

Favorite Lift:

Log Press or Stone Lifting. They call me the American Lager. (they don’t, but they should)

Least Favorite Lift:

I don’t have one. Lifting is great. 

Strongman/ Crossfit goals:

Strongman Goals: Crush this weeks competition (place?)
Crossfit Goals: I don’t know what those are.. jk. I’d love to rx more, it’s super awesome when I do. Honestly most of my goals are lifting oriented. Log Press: 225, Deadlift: 500, Squat: 450, Power Clean: 275, Strict Press: 185

Best Crossfit Achievement: 

I don’t think there’s one point I can say that I can recall. I’m very proud every time I complete any WOD. My progress within a year has allowed me to move really well throughout most workouts. Maybe if I were to say one moment: I’d say when I clean and jerked: 235. 

Words that I live by: 

I live by the sword, I die by the sword?All words are made up?

A  birdy goes cluck cluck, a cow goes moo, a piggy goes oink oink, how about you?

If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Things you’d be surprised to know about me:

I was on the competitive Jump Rope Team for 5 years. We were called Razz-Ma-Tazz. 

Advice to Newbies:

Start slow. Listen to your body. Trust your coaches. Tell that little person in your head that is complaining during a WOD to shut up.

Say Hi to everyone, everyone is so nice. Say Hi to me!

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