The Ides of March – Time For a Habit Check-Up!

The Ides of March was know in Ancient Roman culture as an official deadline for citizens to settle their debts. In literature, it is most memorable as the day of the assassination of Julius Caesar, the infamous Emperor of Rome and notably depicted by in the works of William Shakespeare.

In similar fashion, I thought it would also be fitting to do a check-up on our goals and resolutions that we set at the beginning of year to see where we are at…minus the assassination attempt (“Et tu, Coach Robert?”). Our success in these endeavors is largely dependent on our daily habits.

If you think about it, our lives are basically one big sum of our daily habits. But what is considered a habit? Let’s start simple with a good old definition. Habits are the small decisions and actions we make and perform every day.

According to researchers at Duke University[1], habits account for about 40 percent of our behaviors on any given day. That’s almost half!

Habits aren’t solely the actions we repeatedly do, but they can also be the thoughts that run through our minds each day. Both of these influence our beliefs, which in turn forms our behaviors, and ultimately who we are as individuals. So it’s safe to say that our current patterns have a HUGE influence on our daily lives.

Take a moment and reflect on some of your current habits. What does your morning and nighttime routine look like? How about your exercise and nutrition protocol? Is your productivity at work where you’d like it to be or do you have a tendency to procrastinate? Try to hone in on 3 specific habits you’d like to work on changing.

Whether it is breaking bad habits or building new ones, the team at District H is here to help you. Next month, we will be rolling out a brand new nutrition program and fat-loss challenge. We will also be releasing a mindset journal as well as opportunities to meet with me (Coach Miranda) for mindset coaching and goal-setting to tackle some of the limiting beliefs that may be going on between the ears. Stay tuned for details on this!

Ultimately, if we learn to transform our habits now, we learn to transform our lives.


[1] Chi, Kelly Rae. “Why Are Habits So Hard to Break?” Duke Today, 2016,



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