Tips on Motivation

by Coach Tommy

Happy Sunday!

It’s the start of a brand new week!

For me personally, I like to use Sundays to prep for the upcoming week. Organizing, laundry, meal prep, management meetings, and workouts all get scheduled on Sunday so that weekdays can happen seamlessly.

But I am not going to lie. There are some Sundays where the motivation is lacking. Not just in the things that I have to do, but even in things I genuinely enjoy doing.

I think it’s completely natural to feel unmotivated. It’s typically a sign that I am close to feeling a little burned out, need a vacation, or simply need to reframe or address whatever stress is going on in my life.

Nonetheless, whether the motivation is there, I still have personal and professional goals that I want to accomplish.

That is where the power of habit kicks in, and I can still march forward even if it’s just a tiny step on any given day. District H General Manager, Miranda Johnson, speaks to this quite well in her latest blog post, “Motivation.”

This week, I wanted to talk about motivation and its relation to your health & wellness goals. And then provide some tips on developing and sustaining motivation for the long term.

Becoming the very best versions of ourselves all comes down to consistency.  What we consistently do comes down to the thoughts, stories, or conversations we constantly tell ourselves over time.

If I can help you develop a positive mindset about yourself and your health, then we can create an opportunity for consistency to happen.

It all starts between the ears.

Tomorrow, I will cover what exactly motivation is and how we develop it for our fitness goals. It isn’t enough to want or desire something. You have to create a mindset around your motivation and turn it into action.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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