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Weekly Focus: 7 Basic Lifestyle Guidelines

by Coach Tommy

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

This week, I will bring it back to “The 7 Big Lifestyle Guidelines” or BLGs.

If you focus on developing healthy habits for the long-term, getting really good at your BLGs is a must. 

We cannot start talking about macros, meal plans, intermittent fasting, supplements, contrast therapy…you get the picture…until we address your BLGs.

What are the “The 7 Big Lifestyle Guidelines?”

  • Sleep
  • Poop
  • Hydration
  • Food Hygiene
  • Energy
  • Movement
  • Stress Management

We will address 1-2 of these a day for the next week. 

If you can get really good at developing long-term, sustainable healthy habits around these 7 guidelines, you will see tremendous success in your fitness, wellness, and vitality. 

Tomorrow is going to be all about sleep. This is the most critical factor you can invest in that will yield excellent weight loss, muscle gain, mood changing, results for you. Best things….its 100% Free.

See you bright and early tomorrow morning. 

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