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Why The Scale May be Lying to You

by Coach Tommy

You know that feeling of anxiousness that comes over you every morning when you step on the scale?

I know that feeling quite well.

When I started my own fitness journey back in 2014, I was absolutely obsessed with the scale. If I didn’t lose even 0.1 lbs. of weight in 24 hours, I would become frustrated and double down on either activity or calorie cutting.

It isn’t a habit I would recommend to anyone.

The reality is that the scale often lies to you in terms of the progress you are making with your weight.


Let’s back up for a second and talk about body composition.

Whenever I start with a new weight-loss client, I always like to remind them that there are two sides to the weight loss coin that we are trying to manage.

First, we need to be losing fat by putting you in a caloric deficit (i.e., you are burning more calories than taking in). This is the part that makes the most sense to people.

Second, and equally as important, we are trying to maintain or even GAIN lean muscle mass by eating enough protein and doing some sort of resistance training. Maintaining lean muscle mass not only allows you to eat more calories in any given day but will also give you that nice firm look (i.e., tone) that most people are looking for.

For those who are just beginning their fitness journey or have never done resistance training before, it is not uncommon to go through a body recomposition where you actually lose fat and build muscle at the same time. 

This is where tracking your weight via a scale can be tricky.

For example, if you lose 5 lbs. of fat and gain 2 lbs. of muscle in a month, you may feel discouraged for only losing 3 lbs. of net weight. But in fact, your body composition has changed significantly.

If you are a 150 lb. female with a body fat percentage of 30%, that means you have 45 lbs. of fat mass and 105 lbs. of lean mass. Although you have only lost 3 lbs. of net weight, your body fat percentage has dropped 3% points, which is incredible!

We use an InBody 270 Body Composition analyzer at District H to show our clients exactly how their body composition has changed over time, so they aren’t fooled by the number they see on the scale.

Suppose you are interested in learning more about nutrition coaching at District H. In that case, we have our 42-Day Nutrition Kickstart beginning on September 11. It is a great way to develop healthy long-term nutrition habits and work 1-on-1 with a professional coach. You can reserve your spot by clicking on the link below.

Tomorrow, I will go over the benefits of surrounding yourself with a team of confidants to help you achieve your goals. It is the ultimate supercharger for your health and wellness goals.

Happy Thursday!


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