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Will Lifting Weights Make Me Look “Bulky”?

Coach Tommy

One of the most common things that I hear from our female clients is that they are fear “lifting weights will make them look bulky.”
And just like yesterday, I completely understand where this misconception is coming from.
Although we are no longer affiliated with CrossFit, most people still associate it with District H. Some of the women that are highlighted in the sport of CrossFit look incredibly muscular.
So I see where you could connect the dots of “lifting weights = bulky physique.”
But that correlation doesn’t represent 99.9% of the general population.
I am going to try and keep this very simple.
When you lift weights, muscle tissue is broken down and rebuilt. When it is rebuilt, there is an increase in what are called myofibril filaments. These filaments are what allow you to produce more force (i.e., build strength) over time.

As you produce more myofibril filaments, your muscle starts to look “denser” instead of bulking up in size. This is properly referred to as “tone” or what men know as being “chiseled.”
You see some of the top athletes starting to look “bulky” because of the amount of volume they are doing in any given week. We are talking hours on end, every day, for months and years.
99.9% of the population will never come close to doing the volume necessary to look like these top-level athletes.
Instead, lifting weights will actually give you that healthier, toned, chiseled look that most people desire when they think of doing a bunch of cardio.
There is an unlimited number of benefits that come with lifting weights, which is why we have a “strength bias” in terms of our programming at District H.
If you are looking for that toned and chiseled look that most people desire when they decide to start working out, lifting weights is 100% necessary.

But if you walked into District H right now, you aren’t going to see a single female that is bulky. Instead, you will see an athletic, fit, healthy physique from women who are strong physically and mentally. They are AMAZING!
Tomorrow, we will discuss age and working out. Many people discount themselves way too early in life and cut themselves short of becoming their very best selves.

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