You are Not Too Old for Functional Fitness of Lifting Weights

by Coach Tommy

“I’m too old for functional fitness.”

“I’m too old to lift weights.”

I can’t tell you how often I hear these words come out of some more seasoned members.

Again, I completely understand why this misconception exists. 

When you are constantly seeing insane feats of strength by some of the elite-level competitors in the sport of fitness and believe that “is the norm,” these are precisely the types of statements I expect to hear. 

Here is the truth!

With age comes changes in our bodies. We have more miles on our joints. More years of sitting in unnatural positions (i.e., office chairs) make us stiffer. 

There needs to be additional caution taken when lifting weights and moving through full ranges of motion as we age. 

But……it doesn’t mean that we are unable to see progress with our health and wellness.

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that your body naturally prevents you from being incredibly healthy.

In fact, a recent meta-analysis on metabolism and aging found that our metabolism technically doesn’t start to slow down until our 60’s.

You heard me right!

While most of us blame our slower metabolism on aging, the real culprit is less movement or activity as we age. 

The same goes with our limited mobility!

It isn’t necessarily that our body slowly freezes up over time. It has to do with being in compromised or less than ideal positions over time. 

The longer we stay seated with rounded shoulders and flexed hips, the more time it will take to reverse it.

With aging, there comes more of a priority to:

  • Eat protein to slow the degradation of lean tissue in our bodies
  • Move often through full ranges of motion to ensure joint health
  • Participate in resistance training to maintain bone density and lean muscle mass

Functional fitness with professional coaches can help you tackle these main priorities. Given that District H’s location is in the Greater Houston Heights, we specialize in helping older clients stay healthy and continue to see progress with their health.

Tomorrow, we will discuss having to “be in shape before getting into shape.” A lot of this comes down to intimidation, which we proactively address as an organization. 

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