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How to Optimize Your Energy Throughout the Day!

by Coach Tommy

Do you ever feel sluggish throughout the day? Do you have a tough time falling and staying asleep?

You aren’t alone!

Most people I meet when they first walk into District H describe these exact problems. 

Our 21st-century environment has us constantly stimulated and inside. These aren’t a natural part of our evolution as humans.

Humans follow biorhythms that correspond to light and heat exposure. When the sun rises, and our environment becomes warmer, our body naturally wants to wake up, find food, and work. 

Similarly, when the sun starts to go down, and temperatures get cooler, our body naturally wants to start winding down and get ready for rest.

This natural biorhythm is called our circadian rhythm. 

If you are looking to optimize your energy levels throughout the day, you will want to become as consistent as possible with your sleep and wake cycles. 

Yesterday I went over the nighttime routine and how to optimize your sleep. You can read more about that here.

When it comes to your wake cycles and energy throughout the day, there is a similar routine that you can take that will ultimately help with productivity and feel energized.

Here it is:

1) Take time in the morning for yourself to prepare for the day. Most people will wake up and grab their phone immediately (I am still guilty). Instead, try taking a moment to plan your day in a journal or planner. 

2) Get sunlight exposure immediately upon waking. If possible, try making your favorite morning beverage and going outside on a balcony or in your backyard and get light and heat exposure. It will help signal your body that it is time to “wake up.”

3) Try to be as consistent as possible with the timing of your meals throughout the day. Like I said before, the body follows a natural rhythm. The more consistent you are with your feeding cycles, the more the body will feel energized and optimized. 

4) Try to get some sunlight exposure during the day. If you can, go for a 30 min. walk outside during your lunch break. This is a quick way to re-energize yourself, help with stress management, and get some sort of activity in. The body was meant to move!

5) Watch the caffeine intake. This is one I still struggle with to this day. But limiting caffeine intake will help with your sleep, which will ultimately determine your energy levels for the next day. If you find yourself having a tough time falling and staying asleep, try cutting back on the caffeine. I try to cut off all caffeine by Noon each day.

Tomorrow, we will jump into food hygiene and hydration and provide you with some simple guidelines to optimize the fuel your body needs.

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