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Small Talk With the Head Coach | Living with Intention

by Coach Tommy

I am a firm believer that A LOT of us go through life constantly distracting ourselves from what we truly want. 

Staying in an unrewarding job just to pay the bills!

Scrolling through social media versus communicating with our significant others!

Spending money on unnecessary objects that attempt to fill a void in our lives.

For the better part of my 20’s, I would seek to distract myself from some hard truths that I wasn’t ready to face. Things like:

  • Not being passionate in my career (portfolio manager at the time)
  • Not working on some of the personal faults that I had developed during my final years in high school and throughout college (pleasing others, doing what was expected versus what I wanted, & an identity crisis)
  • Not facing, head-on, some of the emotional baggage that had built up since my teenage years (easily irritable, guarded, resentful, & tired)

Through fitness, I was able to start addressing this one by one. 

My passion came back!

I learned to embrace my own faults, work diligently to improve myself and adopt a growth mindset.

I forgave others and myself for some of the more challenging events from my past.

But even in my own fitness journey, I found myself falling back into similar habits of:

  • Feeding into my ego (worried about performance, aesthetics, opinions)
  • Building an identity around fitness (this is who I am versus what I enjoy doing)
  • Becoming resentful (angry about the business that I originally got into to impact the lives of others)

In these circumstances, we tend to fall back on doing what is easy versus what is necessary. We continue to just “exist” or “distract” ourselves from addressing the hard truths.

  • Looking for instant gratification(i.e. dopamine dump) of laying on the floor sweating and tired versus truly improving your strength, mobility, and quality of movement for the long-run
  • More worried about hitting a PR with limited range of motion versus doing movements correctly
  • Cheating reps in order to have the “top score” on the whiteboard

We ALL fall victim to these at one point in time or another.

Living with intention, whether in your career, relationships, or fitness routine, is hard! 

It forces us to reexamine everything we thought we knew about ourselves and our “why” for being on this planet. 

But that is where the fire is lit. 

That is where life begins to have purpose again and where self-actualization can manifest itself.

Here is District H Head Coach, Robert Johnson, discussing intention when it comes to your fitness on the District H Podcast below:

Watch Interview

Tomorrow, we will be discussing the resources that are available for members to develop skills and enhance their fitness experience. 

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