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Small Talk with the Head Coach: Why Skill Development is So Important

by Coach Tommy

I hear it from members all the time.

“Why are learning double unders important?

“Why is doing a handstand necessary for overall wellness?”

When am I ever going to perform a snatch in real life?”

“While most people equate skill development in functional fitness to performance, that is a very skewed lens.

Skill development when it comes to movement is significant for everyday function. Balance, coordination, agility, and multi-planar proprioception help you develop advanced movement techniques that allow you to tackle real-life challenges that we are constantly facing in open space.

Developing a skill like double unders allows you to increase your cardiac output and pace, which means you will get more work done in less time. 

Developing a skill like a handstand increases your body awareness and vestibular system. For those of you who have ever suffered from vertigo, that is your vestibular system not functioning correctly. 

Being able to control an external object through space with speed, coordination, and accuracy will help you with injury prevention and agility (get out of the way of a moving object). 

Yes! It is an incredible feat to see these skills in a performance setting. More importantly, these skills transfer over to making you a more effective human being in real life.

But they must be practiced and developed. 

You need to be intentional about wanting to get better to further progress in your fitness journey. 

Here is Head Coach, Robert Johnson, explaining the benefits of dedicated skill work.

Tomorrow, we will be discussing the importance of being intentional with your health and how dedicating yourself to your fitness can lead to long-term life lessons.

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