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Small Talk with Head Coach Robert Johnson: How To Successfully Approach Workouts

by Coach Tommy

It’s Momentum Monday! Let’s set our intention for the week and move closer to the overall goals we have set out for health. 

This week is dedicated to Speaking with the Head Coach. 

District H Strength & Fitness Head Coach, Robert Johnson, jumped on our District H Podcast last week with host Morrill Scott and discussed all sorts of topics that are relevant to our new members.

Today, we will discuss his conversation around how members can successfully approach workouts when they first join.

Although District H isn’t affiliated with CrossFit, our workouts closely resemble a typical “WOD,” with the main difference being that we are A LOT more intentional about our programming. 

You don’t need to be doing an insane amount of reps, moving heavy weight with poor form, or rebounding on box jumps. These are all the parts associated with the performance side of functional fitness, but not the overall health and wellness side. 

District H firmly places itself on the latter side.

Robert and Morrill discuss:

  • What strategies do new members typically approach workouts with?
  • How members should approach workouts with efficiency and targeting the right stimulus
  • Why there is a learning curve when it comes to pacing a workout

Check out the video below and enjoy!

Watch Video

Tomorrow, we will be discussing skill development for new members and how they can enhance their overall fitness with dedicated practice to specific movements.

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