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District H Weekly Round-Up: OnBoarding New Members

by Coach Tommy

Starting a new fitness routine, joining a new community, putting yourself out there…can create uneasiness in each of us.

That is something I never want brand new members that walk into my gym to experience.

This week we talked about how we onboard new members in our gym.

The goal of onboarding is to create a plan that sets you up for success and make the experience seem as seamless as possible.

First, we discussed the Initial Consultation and why we always start there instead of offering a Free Class.  Learn about what we discuss during your initial consultation and how we create your personalized roadmap.

“Why Do We Start With a Consultation Instead of a Free Class”

“It All Starts with a Conversation”

Next, we discussed our On-Ramp program and how it provides individualized attention to help new members get started on the right foot.

“Get a Personalized Experience with On-Ramp”

During your first On-Ramp session, we conduct a functional movement screen. You learned what the screen is, why we implement it, and how we base our personalized fitness prescriptions based on your results. 

“Why a Movement Screen Tells Me Everything About You”

We also talked about our nutrition consultations with new clients. This is the “secret sauce” for our most successful clients getting the results they want in as little as a few months. You learned about our holistic approach to nutrition and how we meet our members where they are at to provide a personalized recommendation.

“Want to Supercharge Your Results? Let’s Talk Nutrition”

Lastly, I told you that we guarantee results at District H due to our follow-up process. We aren’t a gym that just hands our free classes, sends you off to group class once you sign up, and “hope for the best.” Our hands-on approach allows us to adjust your personalized game plan quickly and efficiently along the way so we can optimize over time.

“How Do We Guarantee Results? Constant Follow-Up”

Next week, we will cover Motivation, and I will provide you with 5 Tips to help you get and stay motivated when it comes to your fitness routine.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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