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Our vision for District H started with both of our unique backgrounds as athletes and professionals.

Dustin is a Houston native who grew up primarily training in mixed martial arts. His love for training was engrained in him at a very early age. After college, Dustin became a Doctor in Physical Therapy focusing geriatrics and orthopedics ensuring Americans stayed as healthy as they could in their later stages of their life. Dustin’s discovery of functional fitness came in 2008 to help with his mixed martial arts training. As District H’s programmer and head weightlifting coach, Dustin uses his background in functional fitness and physical therapy to help clients with not only performance, but also longevity and thriving throughout life.

Tommy, a California native, grew up playing all the traditional sports more kids gravitate towards. After graduating from UC San Diego and beginning his corporate career, Tommy fell into the worst shape of his life. In December of 2013, he stumbled upon CrossFit and immediately fell in love with it. His background in business and management helps compliment Dustin’s exercise physiology background to build a sustainable, enjoyable, and life changing business that puts its members health at the forefront.

District H’s mission is to help unleash the incredible potential of its community by helping you move, feel, look and think your absolute best. Your health is ultimately an investment in you and District H wants to help you be the very best version of yourself so that you can live the life you want and leave the type of impact that you want.

Our core values as a gym are professionalism, inclusivity, and perpetual growth. As professionals ourselves, we believe that coaching is both a science and an art that deserves to be held to the highest standards. District H coaches are some of the best that Houston has to offer because that is what our members deserve.

We are also an incredibly inclusive group of people. No matter if you are an elite athlete or just staring on your fitness journey, we welcome you with open arms and make sure you feel like you are a part of our tribe. District H is a place of positivity, support, and camaraderie that makes a fitness experience enjoyable.

Lastly, we believe in adopting and practicing a growth mindset. Whether you are an owner, coach, or member, your fitness journey will constantly evolve as you seek further knowledge or challenge yourself to achieve more in your life. Embrace it!

Our vivid vision for District H is to continue to expand our approach to health and wellness in our Houston Heights Community. By making our neighbors, friends, and family stronger, healthier, and more confident versions of themselves, we can ultimately change the world by allowing our community to best display their god given talents.

We would love for you to be a part of our tribe!

Tommy Allen & Dustin Ma | OWNERS

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