Want To Supercharge Your Results? Let’s Talk Nutrition!

by Coach Tommy

This week I have laid out the road map regarding how we integrate new members into our community.

First, we have our initial consultation to better understand you, your goals, and your intrinsic motivation for wanting to be healthy and create a personalized roadmap that will set you up for success.

Second, we go through the On-Ramp process where you are matched 1-on-1 with a professional coach for four personal training sessions. You receive individualized attention and for us to get a good starting point for where you are.

Third, we typically conduct a movement screen that allows us to assess your mobility restrictions, motor control, current strength level, balance/coordination, asymmetries in your body, and where your potential risks for injuries lie.

Now, these are all significant touchpoints for our clients that add a ton of value. Still, if you were to ask me where the real “secret sauce” is or “magic pill” that allows you to supercharge the effort you are willing to put into District H…

It’s all in the nutrition.

When we sit down with you to discuss nutrition, we want to understand your current daily habits and get metrics around your lean body mass, fat mass, and basal metabolic rate.

In our consultation room, we have an InBody 270 that can provide key metrics in as little as 40 seconds. See below for an example of the report that you receive after each test.

No, we aren’t trying to be overly personal about understanding your body. It is a way for you to see if you are actually making progress based on the personalized fitness prescription we provide and the recommended changes to your nutrition.

Now I typically see new clients falling into 1 of 3 categories regarding their readiness for nutrition coaching.

Category 1: Let’s address the basics. Need to make better choices around food in general and establish good daily habits. These individuals don’t need to be counting calories or tracking macros. We can effectively accomplish the same thing by getting them to make better day-to-day choices. Our approach to coaching these clients is giving them small weekly habit goals around their food choices and the 7 Basic Lifestyle Guidelines.

Category 2: Let’s refine the great things we are already doing. You are on the right track but are looking to shed those last 5-15 lbs. or gain muscle. These individuals need to start getting a little more specific with their food tracking. This is where we typically introduce a macro-based nutrition plan. If you have never tracked calories before, we implement a couple of different methods that allow you to start seeing results and not feel overwhelmed in the process.

Category 3: High performers or highly motivated. You have a specific goal in mind that you are training for, or your goal is tied to a particular timeline (e.g., wedding, surgery, professional photoshoot, etc.). This is where we get laser-focused with weighing and measuring food and the timing of our meals. Being as accurate as possible will ensure you see results as quickly as possible.

Sometimes I will get the question of, “why doesn’t everyone just do Category 3 if they are looking for the best results?”

Great question!

The true art of coaching is meeting individuals where they are starting. It doesn’t make sense to overwhelm a brand new client with weighing and measuring food if they aren’t getting enough sleep, water, or making generally better choices throughout their day.

In other words, it is asking a client that is unsustainable for their lifestyle.

Nutrition coaching is all about building great habits first and then getting more precise when we feel confident in our ability to sustain the behavior.

After your initial nutrition consultation, we will give you some basic information on how to best get started with nutrition. If you are interested in signing up for 1-on-1 nutrition coaching, then we would set up a specific consultation to really dig into topics such as:

  • Dietary preferences
  • Emotional control
  • Mindset
  • Meal Plans
  • How to navigate cheat meals or vacation

The topics are endless

Tomorrow we will delve into our follow-up process with members. Our approach is all about listening to you, understanding you, giving you a personalized prescription, and following up to ensure you see the results you want.

If you are ready to start with your FREE 1-on-1 initial consultation, please book an appointment using the link below.


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