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Why Do We Start with the Consultation Instead of a Free Class?

by Coach Tommy

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the last 15 years in the fitness industry, people succeed in their health and wellness when their plan is personalized to their specific goals and their “why” for wanting to change their life.

People come in all shapes, sizes, history of injuries, and even ways of learning or communicating.

Some of us do really well in a group setting, while others prefer 1-on-1 attention.

It is a complete disservice to you to place you in a box and assume one or the other.

At District H, we start with a 1-on-1 consultation because we want to understand YOU and best set you up for success.

I am not in the business of pushing people through group classes and hoping for the best. I want to invest my energy into helping you become the very best version of yourself.

This requires an understanding of your motivations, lifestyle, stress levels, movement quality, diet and lifestyle, timeline to meet your goals, and preferred communication method.

This week, I will walk you through our onboarding process for our brand new clients so you know what to expect when you book your free consultation with us.

Each day, we will tackle a different component of the process, why we do it, and how it will help you get your end goal faster.

As I said earlier, you are more likely to be successful in your health & wellness when your plan is tailored to your needs.  You will invest more of your energy into it and thus have a greater chance of getting the results you seek.

Tomorrow, we will discuss, in detail, in the initial consultation and why it is the most critical jumping-off point for you to have a fantastic experience at District H.

I will see you tomorrow.



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