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Movement & Exercise is About Self Care; Not a Punishment!

by Coach Tommy

It’s Friday!

That means we had another fantastic week to reflect on how we did with implementing healthier habits into our lifestyle. 

To round out our week of discussing The Big Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs), we will talk about movement

I work with many clients who view movement and exercise as punishment or to justify the unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits outside the gym.

This shouldn’t be how people view movement and exercise.

Your body was meant to move!

Most of our conceptions around fitness and exercise come from our environment and experience. 

My high school football coach used conditioning as a form of punishment.

Many of us who are self-conscious about how we look see exercise as a means (burn calories) to an end (look thin). 

This leads to a completely skewed view on what exercise is meant to be: a celebration of our ability to care for ourselves.

We feel better, perform better, sleep better, and think clearer when we move with intention. That’s not by accident. 

Movement has always been our life source since the times of our early ancestors. Humans didn’t evolve into sitting at desks all day. 

Movement allowed us to perform our hunting and gathering to survive. 

From a physiological standpoint, we feel better, perform better, sleep better, and think clearer when we move because we were designed that way.

Our environment has forced us to believe that movement needs to be high intensity or with the intended purpose of “looking a certain way.”

This is complete nonsense. 

Movement is a time for you to practice self-care. Whether that is doing some yoga, going for a slow walk, CrossFit, cycling class, paddle boarding, etc. 

Enjoy your time taking care of yourself.

You don’t need District H to do this. You heard me right!

I am proactively telling you that you don’t NEED my business to take care of yourself.

If you feel like part of your self-care practice should involve lifting weights, surrounding yourself with amazing people who will support you, and get professional 1-on-1 accountability and coaching, then District H can help you.

But first…let’s start with going on a walk.

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