Weekly Focus: 5 Biggest Conceptions

by Coach Tommy

Happy Sunday!

It’s a brand-new week. 

Let’s discuss some of the common misconceptions that most people have about starting at District H. 

The “Big Five” that come to mind are:

  • Functional fitness is too dangerous
  • I need to be in better shape before I start
  • I’m too old to be lifting weights
  • Lifting weights will make me look bulky
  • Dieting is unrealistic over the long term

I get it!

I had some of these misconceptions myself when I first walked into my first functional fitness gym in 2014. 

It also doesn’t help that most of the stuff that goes “viral” on social media are the absolute worst offenders of these common misconceptions. 

It has to be to get clicks.

Tomorrow, I will go over the misconception around danger and functional fitness.



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