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You Do Have Enough Time. What Do You Value?

by Coach Tommy

“Exercising & proper nutrition is impossible to sustain with my busy schedule!”

If you were to ask me the #1 reason why we end up having new members slip through the cracks, the answer is often, “my schedule!”

Look, we are ALL busy. 24 hours a day doesn’t seem to be enough these days.

But let’s be honest. We prioritize the time for the things we value the most in our lives.

In other words, how we spend our time reflects what we value the most.

This week I have been 100% understanding of the common misconceptions that people have about District H.

Today is going to be a little more tough love.

I get it! Life is hard. 

We are balancing our jobs with family and our own health and wellness with our social lives. 

That balance is essential!

You need to make an income to live.

You need to take care of your family as they are the most important people in your life.

You need to take care of your own health to make sure you are the very best version of yourself.

You need to have social connections to ensure your life is full of happiness.

But you aren’t going to do well in any areas of these by neglecting them. As professional coaches, we also can’t force you to take the time to invest in yourself.

You are going to have to want it.

You will have to dig deep and ask yourself what being healthy means to you, what it allows you to do, and who it will enable you to become.

As somebody who owns a business has a staff that relies on them, has a corporate job, has a young family, etc. I can come up with a whole host of reasons why I can’t work out, be a better friend, or be a better husband.

But that wouldn’t make me better; taking action makes me better. 

You are 100% in control of your time. Make time for what you value the most. If something is missing, reassess your values.

We are here to help you. More importantly, we are here to hold you accountable to yourself. 

We are on your team.

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