Athlete of the Month – Debbie Markey

Hey, my name is Debbie Markey! I have lived in the Heights area for almost 35 years and have raised three wonderful children – ages 26, 25 and 21. Born and raised in Houston, I think the Heights (then and now) is hands down, the best neighborhood in the city. I have a great job as Executive Director of the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center for the last 14 years. I love to cook, garden and hang around my beautiful (and small) home on Highland Street.


I started my CrossFit journey at District H over 6 years ago after physical therapy ended for a torn meniscus repair. The other knee also had a tear, but I never had to have it operated on…District H fixed it for me! My decision to start CrossFit began with a bone scan in 2013 that showed signs of pre-osteoporosis in my hip and neck. In doing some research, I decided not to take the medication and give up spin class, which was my only form of exercise back then. District H was so close to my house and it was a perfect place to get my strength back. When I first started, I could not do a full lunge across the gym – much less with weights!


CrossFit has made an impact on my life in many ways – more confidence, new friends and a healthy routine. My bone scan the following year showed a complete reversal of bone loss. District H continues to be a wonderful community. I have always said that the gym emulates what the Heights neighborhood is all about…A close community with welcoming arms.


What is your favorite & least favorite WOD or movement?

I’m not a huge fan of pushing the sled (nails on a chalk board) or that weird thing called a “Turkish get-up.” I do like wall balls and anything cardio. I have really come to appreciate the longer workouts. Changes in programming over the summer has kicked my butt, but I am not complaining! I also love the reboot classes on Tuesday/Thursday 7:30am.


What is your favorite & least favorite lift?

Overhead squatting is super hard with anything other than a 15-pound bar. I love all the other squats and of course, the dead lift.


My CrossFit goals are to go every day! For me, I’m happy that I can scale things appropriately so that I CAN go every day. Something that people would be surprised to know about me is that I am a sports-aholic! Baseball season has ended but there is still college football which ends just about the time that tennis starts up!!

My favorite quote/words to live by are: “Live a life of gratitude”. I remind myself of that when I start my day at District H.


Advice I would give to newbies: Stick with it! It definitely gets easier with time. And, lean on the coaches…They are the best!

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