Input vs. Output

Here at District H our main goal/mission is to help you “Live Your Best Life”. This encompasses the whole you: your physical fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits, mental and emotional health, stress management, you name it. We even have the words “Your Best Self” written on the windows of our building and we truly do believe we can help get you there. IF (and only if) you put in the work on your end to do so.

As a coaching staff, we will always give you our 110% whenever you step foot in our building. But, I do want to get real with you all here, too. The key to success for you here at District H comes down to what YOU are willing to put in. So the question then becomes this: How can you expect to LIVE your best life as the best version of yourself, if you don’t GIVE your best?

Think of this analogy. If you went to the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk that costs $2.50, but you only gave the cashier $2.00, would you be walking away with the milk carton? The obvious answer here is no, and the reason for this is because your INPUT did not reflect your OUTPUT. In this case, you didn’t give enough input (money) to receive the desired output (milk).

The same thing goes when we are talking about the amount of effort we put in for the goals we are trying to achieve. We can’t expect to get to where we want to be, without making it a priority and giving it the energy and effort it requires.

This is a tough conversation to have and I’m not trying to come off as harsh, but let’s be honest. We live in a world now where we are encouraged to “take it easy” pretty much all the time. Heck, it seems like kids nowadays receive the trophies and medals and ribbons just for trying out for a sport.

Don’t get me wrong either, there are certainly some scenarios in which backing off or easing up on the reigns is the right call, but we need to make sure we aren’t abusing this idea or using it as an excuse to give sub optimal effort.

If you’re okay with never quite reaching the goals you set for yourself, or never experiencing what it feels like to truly push yourself to your limits, or finding out what it is that you’re made of, that is your own personal decision. But, if you are here at District H to really achieve something great or do something you never thought possible, or become the version of you that you’ve been dreaming about, you need to be sure that your input and your output match.

I challenge you throughout the month of November to take a really honest look at yourself. (And this doesn’t just have to be with goals here at the gym) Think about all areas of your life. Ask yourself, “Do my inputs match my desired output?” If not, lets find ways to make it happen. Be better. You deserve it.

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