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Meet Our July Athlete of the Month: Kyla Owens

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, interests/hobbies, etc).

 I moved to Houston 6 years ago from Mozambique. I live in the Heights with my husband, Steve, and dog, Lucy. I teach science at Heights High School, just down the road. I love goats, Cher, playing bingo, and rolling around on my Heelys (I’m getting pretty good). 

When did you start working out District H?

 One year ago!

What made you decide to start working out in general?

I always played sports growing up (when you’re a 6 foot tall leftie, it’s not really a choice), and ran track and rowed crew in college, where I first started lifting weights, and was introduced to the erg, respectively. Since college, I still enjoy working out for the physical and mental health benefits, as well as an outlet for my competitive side. 

How have your workouts made an impact on your life outside of the gym?

 Like a lot people, I fell into a workout rut at the beginning of COVID. Since joining District H, I have more energy, I feel less stressed, and I feel so much stronger. I coach cross country and track, so being able to demonstrate things to athletes is important to me, even though I can’t keep up the teenagers anymore. 

What is your favorite & least favorite workout or movement?

Favorite: Wall-balls and rowingLeast favorite: ring dips and those plate halos we’ve been doing a lot on fridays. 

What is your favorite & least favorite lift? 

Favorite: snatch and deadlifts Least favorite: strict shoulder press
What are your fitness goals?(1) Not get injured. (2) Be able to do consistently RX workouts – specifically workouts with toes to bar, pull-ups, & double unders. (3) Lift as much as Leila 😉

What is your proudest gym moment/achievement?

Hitting PRs on lifts, and running my first spartan race earlier this summer. Shoutout to Amanda for helping me on the rope climbs! 

What is your favorite quote or words to live by?

“Everybody wants to be a body builder but nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weights!” 

Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you.

I’ve met Tommy Wiseau, of The Room and Disaster Artist fame, twice (and counting!) and once I got frostbite blisters all over my hand while in a contest to see who could scoop the tallest ice cream cone (I won). 

What advice would you give to newbies?

Slow and steady! The first time I tried cross fit, I ended up in the hospital with rhabdomyolysis. Not worth it! Take it easy and modify. 

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