Success in the Gym? Start with Consistency

Most of us remember the first day we walked into District H. We had made a decision to change our lives and were excited to get started and see results.

It wasn’t easy. After that first week, most of us felt soreness in areas we haven’t felt for a very long time. But the weight started to come off, the quality of sleep was getting better, and maybe we even found some new friendships or fellow sweat patrons.

Then like most things, life started to get in the way. 2 days off turned into 4 days off, turned into 2 weeks off, which turned into a text from Rachel asking whether we were in hibernation mode.

We have ALL been there.

As a coach, my hope is that we have created an environment where you can easily find your way back; back to a supporting community of people who are working on bettering themselves and the people around them. That is what this gym is all about.

We don’t judge, WE encourage. We don’t criticize others’ obstacles, WE celebrate their achievements.

For those who are starting their new fitness journey or those trying to find their way back, start with small goals. First and foremost, prioritize consistency in the gym. Our bodies will only adapt to consistent stress (healthy stress of course).

Start by just setting foot back into the gym. Make a goal to go 3 times a week. Then turn that into 2 weeks, then a month, etc. etc. This is where you are going to get the best bang for you buck.

As much as we would like to turn the Titantic on a dime, more often than not, we create unrealistic or unachievable expectations. Once we fail, we blame ourselves for not following through. This is a common trap that most people fall into.

Set yourself up for success by making small daily goals with your fitness and nutrition. This will eventually snowball into success after you get that momentum going.

We are here to help you succeed. There is never an obstacle you cannot overcome, but don’t set yourself up for failure out of the gates. The only thing that matters is how you feel about your fitness and we want to give every member the opportunity to feel great about themselves.

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