Welcome to 2023!

We are very excited to move into this new year and wanted to take the time to speak to our community about what lies ahead for the gym that means so much to everyone.

As we reflect on the last few years, we cannot help but think what a ride it has been. From transitioning our business model and programming to updating the facility and brand of District H, we are constantly striving to be a leader in Houston when it comes to world class strength, conditioning, health, and overall wellness.

We strongly believe in creating an organization build on the core values of professionalism, service, a holistic approach to health, adopting a growth mindset on improving ourselves and our service offering, and taking a team-first mentality in everything we do. Our culture is built on the principles of intentional training methods and constant evolution and improvement where we create opportunity for our members to thrive in all areas of their lives. 

The vision that we have for District H going into 2023 is an organization that can support full-time professionals that want to make it their living in impacting the lives of our community. Those lives take on all different types of needs based on where they are at in their fitness and health journey. We want to provide a group session that is fun, challenging, but also intimate. We never want anyone to feel like they are in a “Costco of fitness.” We want close relationships with all our members to ensure we a living up to the promise we made to you in terms of improving your quality of life. 

For others, we provide a more surgical approach to customizing their overall wellness program based on prior injuries, specific needs, or goals they have set out for themselves. 

Regardless of your preferred means of expressing your fitness, we want to be the leader in providing well-rounded health to the lives of those who call the Houston Heights their home.

Exciting updates moving into 2023 include a complete rebrand to match the quality we want to provide, additional service offerings around lifestyle coaching to meet the needs of our members, and continued improvements in our staff and leadership to make sure we are providing access to the very best professionals in the industry. After 10 years of serving our community, we thought it was time to revisit what our brand represents in the marketplace. 

We want to thank everyone for their continued support as we wouldn’t be able to live out our dreams as business owners who want to impact lives in the very best way we know how to. 

Here’s to another year of health, happiness, and an amazing community of people. 

In Health, 

Dustin & Tommy

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