What Purpose Does Fitness Serve in Your Life?

Written by Coach Tommy

I know…sounds like a very simple and mundane question, but I challenge you to spend 60 seconds answering this question for yourself.

The beautiful thing about this question is that there is no “right” answer.

Fitness can serve as a means to enjoy life like great cuisine, especially living in an amazing “foodie” city like Houston.

It could mean performance. As a person who is constantly striving to push themselves, fitness constantly challenges you to realize your full physical potential.

It could mean function. Whether that is in your activities of daily living or being able to perform at work.

It could be general wellness. You understand that taking care of your health needs to be a priority. It allows you to live the life you want, accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, or impact the lives that mean the most to you.

The other beautiful thing is that it can change.

For me, personally, the answer has evolved over time.

What started out as a “must” because I felt like that is what you are supposed to do has evolved into a daily ritual of self-improvement.

As an overworked professional, I did “fitness” in order to make sure I didn’t completely fall off the rails. Mindlessly showing up and trying to navigate the very confusing fitness landscape of a globo-gym was what I thought was “fitness.” I did it because that is what I thought I had to do. Just a sheep among the flock.

Once I started to better understand the role that I wanted fitness to play in my life, I began to approach my own fitness with purpose and intent. Every day I had a very specific goal in mind. I was proactive in what I wanted to get out of my fitness, and magically enough (sarcasm), I started to see the results I wanted.

I began to have more clarity in all aspects of my life. What did I want to achieve as a husband, father, professional, athlete, all began to come into focus as I approached life with intention.  I could create the future I wanted.

All of this started with being intentional about by fitness. It is a constant reminder that I can actively work to improve myself every single day.

So I ask you again…what purpose does fitness serve in your life?

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