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What’s In a Name?

Most of you have already started to notice that District H CrossFit has recently changed its name to District H Strength & Fitness.

Are we no longer a CrossFit Affiliate? Not at all! We are going into our 8th year as a proud CrossFit Affiliate.

So why the change?

Simply put, we are opening up our doors to a larger group of people so we have the opportunity to change their lives.

At our core, we believe that you can get world class fitness by doing constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity and practicing good nutrition.

But people want different degrees of that exact prescription. Or more importantly, some people require different degrees of that prescription.

Examples Please…..

For someone who is brand new to strength and conditioning or high intensity interval training (HIIT) might find CrossFit intimidating or may feel “unfit” to participate. Does this mean we ignore them or turn them away?

My personal opinion? Turning them away doesn’t get them anywhere closer to changing their lives.

ReBoot is a great example of an introductory program into HIIT training that still focuses on constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity. The main difference is we don’t incorporate advanced gymnastics movements or heavy barbells. It focuses primarily on the 2nd level of the Fitness Pyramid, which is metabolic conditioning. Our goal is to try and slowly introduce our members into HIIT workouts and establish great nutritional habits so they can get on the right track.

Now eventually they may start to feel like they are no longer making progress with that particular program. This would be a great time to introduce our CrossFit group classes so these members can continue to improve their fitness.

Another example is our Legends Class, which focuses on the population of people who are age 55 and older. This demographic would still benefit from constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity. But they also have other important priorities as they age. Balance, overall range of motion, and disease prevention must take precedent over heavy back squats or muscle ups. Although I am honest believer that you should squat for the rest of your life, I recognize that priorities change as we age.

What’s The Goal?

Our goal at District H is to welcome more people into our community so we have the opportunity to change their lives. Whether we want to call it CrossFit or ReBoot or Legends or Dance Party (i.e. that would be a Dustin led class), we are all doing a version of the thing that gets us results and gives us the chance to live our best lives.

Our strength is our community and we want to give people of all different backgrounds a chance to be a part of it.

In Health,


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