Programming Update – Push Press & Deadlift

As we wrap up our snatch, power clean and jerk and back squat cycles in the next couple of days. I wanted to go over some things regarding the next 4 weeks of strength training which will focus on the push press and deadlift.

The push press is movement that bridges the gap between the strict press and the jerk (split or push). Anatomically, it’s trains the quads, glutes, midline/core, upper back and shoulders. In terms of functional fitness and weightlifting, it teaches the athlete to properly use their legs to elevate the barbell overhead, maintain a rigid core against external forces and introduce and improve athletes ability to perform push jerks.

The deadlift is one of the most functional compound exercises we train at District H and is trained in a variety of ways to reinforce proper technique when picking up objects from the floor. Anatomically it trains the glutes, hamstrings and lats with a myriad of other muscles being used to assist with stabilization.  In terms of functional fitness and strength, what’s more functional than picking things off the floor? The type or style of deadlift will change depending on the object, however the basic mechanics will remain the same. Pulling strength and powerful hip extension will carry over to a variety sports and only benefit the athlete.

Here’s how we should approach the next 4 Wednesdays and Friday’s. As always, the cycle will start with low intensity but high volume in order for you to focus on form and technique. Each rep should be for maximum quality in order for you to improve your body awareness, maintain proper balance and increase consistency in the movement one rep at a time. There is no need for touch and go reps for either movement, we are training for quality not for time. As the weeks progress, the weights will get heavier and volume will decrease. The intent is that you’ve built a good foundation of movement patterns and strength to tolerate the heavier loads safely which will hopefully lead to increased strength or a chance to ring the PR bell.

Dustin Ma PT, DPT

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