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Benefits of Remote Coaching: Having a Professional Coach in Your Back Pocket

by Coach Tommy

COVID changed everything!

I don’t mean to sound superfluous but owning a physical location gym during lockdown was incredibly stressful.

Not only the financial side of it, but I had a community of people who were pretty much isolated inside their house and trying to get some fitness in.

Now some of my members were able to handle “at-home” workouts just fine.

Others told me that it was brutal.

No accountability!

No social interaction!

No professional coaching!

During our 60-Day shutdown, my team and I rolled out a remote coaching solution to address some shortfalls in our solution.

What is remote coaching?

Think of it as having a professional fitness coach in your back pocket.

We build personalized fitness and nutrition programs for clients that:

  • Can be adjusted based on your time constraints
  • Can accommodate the equipment you have available
  • Custom programming that addresses your specific strength and conditioning needs
  • Daily check-ins for extra accountability
  • Video analysis and feedback on different movements and skills

Who does remote coaching work incredibly well for?

  • Busy professionals with a hectic schedule
  • Members taking 1-2 week vacations
  • Members who are looking for more specific programming to address their needs
  • Members with specific performance or health goals
  • Members who enjoy changing up the locations for which they work out in
  • Members who feel more comfortable working out at home

Like we do with all clients, we start with an initial consultation to determine your fitness priorities, time constraints, and access to equipment.

We then get a baseline for your current body composition and basal metabolic rate to determine your priorities in terms of nutrition.

From there, we look at your movement and mobility to determine what we need to focus on with your strength training.

Lastly, we do a base aerobic capacity test to see where we need to start your conditioning.

After we have all these metrics, we put together a personalized plan delivered through a digital app on your phone.

Your coach checks in with you weekly to see how things are going and make any necessary adjustments.

Again, your professional coach in your back pocket.

If you are interested in learning more about our remote coaching offerings, book your FREE 1-on-1 consultation today. I would love the opportunity to learn more about you and how we can help.



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