By: Scarlet Rodriguez

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, interests/hobbies, etc).
I grew up in Meyerland and got my BS. in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University. I have a 6year old German Shepherd/lab mix named Remington. I enjoy spending time with friends/family, being outside- hiking, biking, camping, etc., and enjoy trying new foods (I love food).
When did you start working out District H?
I joined District H June 2021. I knew I wanted to find a gym that had a strong sense of community. I wanted a place that had passionate and educated coaches, members who were encouraging, and an environment that fostered authentic and positive growth both physically and mentally. From the moment I walked into District H, I felt welcomed, encouraged, and knew this was the place for me!

What made you decide to start working out in general?
I grew up playing sports, and swam competitively in high school. In college, I was part of the Texas A&M Triathlon Club, and working out was a way for me to balance stress.
How have your workouts made an impact on your life outside of the gym?
Working out with District H is everything I hoped for and more. Every single workout challenges me physically and mentally. I have met some amazing people at District H, and I cannot wait to continue to build and strengthen those friendships! Whenever life throws me a challenge, I just think to myself “hey if I can do 75 thrusters and 100 wallballs for time, I can do anything” (Thanks Dustin).

What is your favorite & least favorite workout or movement?
My least favorite movement are box jumps
My favorite workout is anything with the HIIT Bike
What is your favorite & least favorite lift? 
Favorite lift – Push Press
Least favorite lift – OH Squats
What are your fitness goals?
My fitness goals are to be able to pullups (or pullup) unassisted, and to continue to make my health and wellness a priority.
What is your proudest gym moment/achievement?
There have been many small achievements that I am proud of. I am improving on my wall walks, double unders, assisted pullups, and of course lifting more weight and feeling stronger!

What is your favorite quote or words to live by?
Work hard, stay humble, and surround yourself with people that bring you joy.
Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you.
When I was 7, I swam against Simone Manuel who is now a two-time Olympian and five-time Olympic medalist.
What advice would you give to newbies?
Life is always going to be busy, and excuses can always be made. But if you find your routine, and find your community and motivation, you can accomplish anything. Don’t compare yourself to other, don’t get discouraged, and always give it your all. Welcome feedback, spread
encouragement, and have fun!

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