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You Don’t Have to Be Fit Already to Start at District H

by Coach Tommy

Walking into a new gym can be very intimidating. 

Walking into a CrossFit gym can be even more intimidating. 

When I first meet members, they are typically at an incredibly vulnerable spot in their life. They know that they must change themselves and where they are currently at in life.

Having the courage to make that decision is the hardest part. My goal as a gym owner is to make everything after making that decision as comfortable as possible.

That is why we start with Free Intros. 

I want to learn about you in an accessible environment where you can tell me everything between your goals to your fears. 

We also try our absolute hardest to build a culture in our facility that is open and welcoming. 

In other words, if you show up, then you are already done the most challenging part.

Once new prospects come into the gym, I often hear them say, “I think I need to get in shape before I start working out here.”

When I dig a little deeper into their hesitation, a lot of it comes from looking at other members or workouts and thinking, “I can’t do this.”

Here is what I want you to remember.

Every single person at my gym, including myself, started out exactly where you are right now. 

We all walked into District H and thought and felt the exact same things you are feeling right now. 

We needed to change our lives for the better. 

Do you know what members did for us at that time?

They paid it forward by inspiring, supporting, and lifting us up when we had our bad days. 

We will do the exact same thing for you as you start your journey. 

Remember, you’ve already done the most challenging part….deciding that you want to change your life for the better.

You can do this!

Tomorrow, I will finish our “Top 5 Misconceptions” by addressing dieting and nutrition over the long term. 

A lot of people think that you cannot sustain healthy habits over anything longer than 3 months. I will show you how that is not the case.

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