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Meet Coach Leila Wolfe

Check out our newest Podcast Episode where we bring on the newest edition to our coaching staff – Leila Wolfe.—Transforming-Lives–Growth-During-Quarantine—Love-for-the-Barbell-ekpknk

Core Values: The Profession of Coaching

One of our core values at District H Strength & Fitness is professionalism. In everything that we do at District H, we approach it with…

My Own Journey

My fitness journey and gym owner journey started on December 4th of 2013. I was working in Irvine, CA for an investment management company and…

District H Podcast: Episode #16 – We’re Back…All Things Nutrition with Miranda DeMark

Click Link to Access Episode—-Dialing-in-Your-Nutrition–Catalyst-6-Week-Nutrition-Challenge-with-Miranda-DeMark-ekmu8p

What’s With this “Functional Bodybuilding” on Wednesdays?

You may have noticed that we have begun incorporating “Functional Bodybuilding” into our workouts. While it may not be our typical “Metcon” where we are…

Do you Love to Win? Or do you Hate to Lose?

Read that title again. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been asked this question before, but I definitely think it’s one that is worth contemplating….

The Power of Decision

One of my best (and worst) qualities is that I’m a perfectionist. Sometimes, this can be great! It gives me that extra attention to detail…

Programming Update – Push Press & Deadlift

As we wrap up our snatch, power clean and jerk and back squat cycles in the next couple of days. I wanted to go over…

3 Amplifiers to Your Fitness & A Better You!

I started CrossFit in December of 2013. Like most of you, my journey started out as an overworked, undernourished, stressed out mess of a human…

Learn About Our Current Programming

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to drop in and update everyone on what’s in store for next week. Before we get to that though, some…

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